Accelerated Graduate Enrollment (AGRADE)

The Linguistics Program participates in the university-wide AGRADE program that allows undergraduate students with a higher GPA to count up to 16 of their undergraduate credits towards a linguistics master's degree.

AGRADE students are allowed to transition to the master's program without submitting a statement of purpose, although other graduate application requirements must be met. For more information, contact Professor Ljiljana Progovac.


  • Wayne State undergraduate students
  • Must apply in the semester when you reach 90 credits
  • Minimum 3.3 GPA


  • Research interactions with linguistics professors and master's students
  • Count your UG courses towards an eventual master's degree, up to 16 credits
  • Still pay your regular undergraduate-level tuition
  • When you apply for master's, the statement of purpose requirement is waived (because we already know you)

What it takes

  • Planning ahead and maintaining a good GPA. Some core courses can be postponed until your last year, so they count towards AGRADE
  • Filling out AGRADE Plan of Work Form with the master's advisor (usually a short meeting)
  • Taking at least one course on the master's standards, and following guidelines for all courses. Some courses may automatically treat you as an master's student if you're doing AGRADE

When it's time to do the master's, remember

  • Complete the application and submit your transcript
  • You can take graduate-level courses at the University of Michigan and Michigan State University
  • A total of 30 credits are required for the master's (half the master's could be AGRADE credits)
  • Conduct and write up a research project for your master's essay