Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics

Linguistics is devoted to the scientific study of language structure and use. The Linguistics Program at Wayne State offers an interdisciplinary approach to this field, with a strong emphasis on theoretical linguistics, permitting students to explore a wide range of topics and interests in linguistic research.

Training in linguistics prepares students for advanced work in linguistic research, as well as for employment in teaching English and foreign languages, computer systems (especially natural language processing), broadcasting, mass media and journalism, publishing and editing, translation, international business, intercultural communication and negotiation, law, and generally, any profession requiring the precise use or analysis of speech or writing.

Linguistics alumna: Molly Alampi, B.A. 2011

Following the completion of her undergraduate degree in linguistics, Molly earned her M.A. in speech-language pathology at Wayne State University.

Understanding the structures of language helped me formulate insightful observations about the techniques I choose for therapy.  I would highly recommend other speech pathology undergrads get a dual major or minor in linguistics!

"I always think back to your (Professor Ljiljana Progovac) language evolution course and how much I'd love to retake that course knowing what I know now about the brain and aphasic patients. Your syntax course was very useful for me once I began working with patients who needed language intervention who suffered head injuries or strokes."

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