Unified Style Sheet for Linguistics

This style has been worked out in consultation with a broad range of editors, and it reflects broad, though not universal consensus. Most importantly, we see this as a step in an ongoing process: Some journals will adopt this sheet in toto, others will adopt it on most points, but define certain differences, reflecting the norms of a subfield or language-specific tradition.

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Reading groups

There are currently two special interest groups that involve Linguistics students and faculty.

Languages and Genes Group

Coordinated by Professor Natalia Rakhlin, the group is attempting to find statistically significant associations between specific language features and inter-population differences in allele frequency among SNPs and haplotypes of certain genes. Its members include faculty grad students from linguistics, communication sciences and disorders, and biological sciences. The Languages and Genes Group has been funded for the past two years by a Humanities Center working group grant.

Chinese Linguistics Reading Group

Coordinated by Professor Haiyong Liu, the group focuses on recent publications on Chinese written in both Chinese and English. It is open to all students and faculty interested in the Chinese language and linguistics.

Join the mailing list

To be added to the mailing list of either group so that you may receive the latest information about meeting times and topics, send an email request to the coordinator.

Linguistics resources

  • English Language Institute (ELI) Provides both intensive and non-intensive English programs at five levels of proficiency to prepare non-native speakers of English for academic study at the university level
  • Linguistic Society of America The official website of the linguistics profession in the United States