Teaching opportunities


The department occasionally seeks applications for part-time faculty to teach courses in a variety of fields.

Candidates must have previous teaching experience and at least a master's degree in the substantive area in which they wish to teach. Part-time faculty will meet classes, hold office hours, assist students and complete grading requirements in accordance with department and university policies.

Course pools that may be in consideration for part-time faculty teaching


Course Title Credits
AUD 5420 Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation 3
AUD 6040 Auditory and Vestibular Pathologies 4
AUD 7320 Issues, Ethics, and Scope of Practice in Audiology 2
AUD 7430 Pediatric Audiology 3
AUD 7500 Aural Rehabilitation 3
AUD 7520 Counseling in Audiology 1
AUD 7550 Intra-operative Neurophysiologic Monitoring 2
AUD 8430 Equilibrium/Vestibular System Evaluation 4
AUD 8450 Advanced Auditory/Vestibular Electrodiagnosis for Balance Assessment and Treatment 4
AUD 8460 Advanced Sensory Aids 3

Speech-language pathology

Course Title Credits
SLP 5080 Phonetics 3
SLP 5300 Introduction to Speech-Language Pathology 3
SLP 5320 Normal Language Acquisition and Usage 3
SLP 6480 Organic and Fluency Disorders 3
SLP 7155 Special Topics in Communication Disorders: Alternative and Augmentative Communication 2
SLP 7155 Special Topics in Communication Disorders: Multicultural and Bilingual Issues 1
SLP 7520 Counseling in Speech-Language Pathology 1
SLP 7660 Neuromuscular Speech Disorders 3

How to apply

Applicants should submit a letter of interest, a curriculum vita, and any evidence of teaching effectiveness to:

Chair, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Wayne State University
Prentis Building
5201 Cass Ave.
Detroit, MI 48202