Graduate student research

Current Ph.D. students 

Name Advisor Subfield Interests
Caitlin Cassady Sankar Cultural  
Megan Douglass Lyons Cultural  
Michael Drasher Stillo Cultural Medical Anthropology, Activist Anthropology, Applied Anthropology, Maternal Health, West Africa
Samantha Ellens Ryzewski Archaeology Historical archaeology, public archaeology, landscapes, Caribbean, North America
Bethany Hedden Robbins Cultural White supremacy, nationalism, yoga, conspiracy theories, personhood
Molly Hilton Jung Cultural Applied anthropology, cognition, food, moral personhood, Mexico
Colleen Linn Newman Cultural Political ecology, water, infrastructure, governance
Stacy Markel Chrisomalis Linguistic Linguistic anthropology, ethnohistory, archaeology
Antione Martin Sankar Cultural  
Robert McCallum Stillo Cultural Medical anthropology, business anthropology, psychological anthropology, mental health/trauma and organizations
Mariah Mcclendon-Smith Robbins Cultural Race, gender, sexuality, personhood, embodiment
Kellan McNally Luborsky Cultural labor, disability, citizenship, post-industrialism, medical anthropology
Jocie Osika Luborsky Cultural Identity, American foster and adoption, athletics and exercise, meaning-making
Jaroslava Pallas-Brink Newman Cultural  
Jeffrey Rowe Jung Cultural  
Summar Saad Chrisomalis Linguistic  
Haley Scott Sankar Cultural Medical anthropology, death studies, stigma, identity formation
Kimberly Shay Luborsky Cultural Aging, life course, later life sociality, volunteering in later life, aging in community, adaptations for aging
Carly Slank Lesnik Biological  
Erin Stanley Newman Cultural Urban anthropology, place-based belonging, displacement, racial capitalism, ecojustice education
Laura Sutherland Robbins Cultural Aging, arts-based engagement, dementia, health disparities, personhood
Michael Thomas Chrisomalis Linguistic Applied anthropology, cognitive anthropology, design, engineering, philosophy
Kathryn Wright Robbins Cultural Social work and anthropology, disability, personhood, education

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Current M.A. students

 Name Advisor
Lily Adzigian Hayes
Ehimare Arhebamen Luborsky
Matthew Ashford Chrisomalis
Joy Barksdale Jung
Noelle Belanger Newman
John Cardinal Ryzewski
Casey Carter Ryzewski
Patrick Dear Jung
Nakim Edmond Jung
Aleah Edwards Haas
Dustin Elias Killion
Isis Gillespie Bray
Santeiu Griffin Robbins
Julie Julison Lesnik
Shariq Kamran Lesnik
Bryan Lamorena Killion
Rebecca Margavich Sankar
Nicole Mullins Newman
Sarah Pounders Ryzewski
Alexa Ruhfass Robbins
Alicia Shiff Lyons
Frankee Thomas Jung
Patience Williams Stillo
Anastasia Woody Bray