Recent graduates in anthropology

Since 2009, 36 Ph.D. and over 120 M.A. students have received their anthropology degrees from Wayne State. We're extremely proud of all of our graduates! For more information about our grad and their placement after graduation, please contact our graduate director.

Ph.D. in Anthropology

Year Graduate Dissertation Advisor
2023 Summar Saad

A Cognitive Ethnography of the Brain Death Debates.

Stephen Chrisomalis
2023 Michael Thomas

Human-centered design in medias res: Automotive design, cosmotechnics, and transcendence in the United States and China.

Stephen Chrisomalis
2022 Andres Romero La Olla y Los Patios: An Ethnography of Place, Selfhood, Violence, and Rehabilitation in Bogot. Andrew Newman
2021 Kelsey Jorgensen A Multispecies Perspective into Dietary Genetic Adaptations and Ancient Migration in the Peruvian Andes Julie Lesnik
2021 Michael Henson Exploring the Unintended Consequences of Training Programs for Child Welfare Specialists Mark Luborsky
2021 Kathleen Hanlon-Lundberg Changing Social Constructs of Pregnancy and Childbirth: Maternal Perspectives on Contemporary Practice in Southeast Michigan Mark Luborsky
2021 Eduardo Piqueiras An Emergent Legionnaires' Disease Syndemic: Water Supply Systems, Infrastructural Violence, and Afflicted Lives in the South Bronx, NY Mark Luborsky
2021 Tracy Wunderlich Pathways to Learning About Death and Dying: Challenges for Medical Education Andrea Sankar
2020 Daniel Harrison Transformation Of The St. Clair Maritime Cultural Landscape From The Seventeenth To The Twentieth Centuries Thomas Killion
2019 Dawn Batts In Pursuit of The Three Highs: Urban Professional Chinese Women's Experiences and Perceptions of Gender In/Equality in Contemporary China Yuson Jung
2019 Monica Rodriguez Learning to be Deaf in Guatemala: The Role of Gender, Learning, and Families in Communities of Practice Andrea Sankar
2018 Maya Stovall Liquor Store Theatre: Ethnography & Contemporary Art Andrew Newman
2017 Angela Guy-Lee Rituals Reproducing Race: African American Women's Hygiene Practices, Shared Experiences, And Power Andrea Sankar
2017 Tareq Ramadan Inscribed Administrative Material Culture And The Development Of The Umayyad State In Syria-Palestine 661-750 CE Stephen Chrisomalis
2016 Jennifer van Nuil Abanyasida: Emergent Subjectivities And Socialities In Rwandan Associations For People Living With HIV Andrea Sankar
2016 Cindy Golusin Healing The Social Body After Assisted Reproduction Andrea Sankar
2016 Ed Rohn Learning About Healing In Family Medicine: Making Doctors In An American Medical Residency Program Sherylyn Briller
2016 Wendy Bartlo "I Can See My Values In Places": Relationships, Place, And Growing Old In Detroit Neighborhoods Andrea Sankar
2015 Felicia George Numbers And Neighborhoods: Seeking And Selling The American Dream In Detroit One Bet At A Time Todd Meyers
2014 Diana Gellci Networks Of Users And Powers: Blackboard Software Roadmap As Cultural Practice Mark Luborsky
2014 Maria Roti Spheres Of Semi-Legality: Discourse, Media And Informal Economic Practices In St. Petersburg, Russia (2000-Present) Barry Lyons
2014 Jayne Yatczak An Exploration Of The Use Of Objects In The Creation, Maintenance, And Social Performance Of Self Among People With Alzheimer's Disease And Related Disorders Sherylyn Briller
2013 Corey Zolondek Socioeconomic Differences In Body Mass Index, Neighborhood Satisfaction, Stress, And Perceived Racism Among African Americans In Metropolitan Detroit Stephen Chrisomalis
2013 William Banks Queering Ghana: Sexuality, Community, And The Struggle For Cultural Belonging In An African Nation Guerin Montilus
2013 Anne Katz Emotion meaning-making: Identity, discourse and social interaction among Arab immigrant health care providers Sherylyn Briller
2013 James Meza The diagnosis narratives & the healing ritual Andrea Sankar
2012 Mary Mitsch A ritual investigation of sudden death events in an urban United States emergency department Sherylyn Briller
2012 Lindsey Martin Treating the Whole Person: An Ethnographic Study of an Integrative Medicine Pain Clinic Sherylyn Briller
2012 Gwendolyn Norman Preterm Birth And The Perception Of Risk Among African Americans Sherylyn Briller
2012 Mary Durocher Exploring Sacred Objects And Their Meanings In Catholic Mexicano Households: Domestic Religious Practices In San Antonio Guerin Montilus
2012 Andrea Nevedal Still Here, Trying To Find My Way: Understanding The Experiences Of HIV Disruption And Reorganization Among Older African Americans In Detroit Andrea Sankar
2012 Marlo Rencher Crossing The Valley Of Death: A Multi-Sited, Multi-Level Ethnographic Study Of Growth Startups And Entrepreneurial Communities In Post-Industrial Detroit Allen Batteau
2011 Susan Kirwan Zanko, chef tribal: ethnography of a text Barry Lyons
2011 Tara Eaton A cultural analysis of information technology offshore outsourcing: an exercise in multi-sited ethnography of virtual work Allen Batteau
2010 Margaret Karadjoff Patient Safety As An Interactional Achievement: Conversational Analysis In The Trauma Center Of An Inner City Hospital Allen Batteau
2010 Amy Goldmacher Something You Love And Something More Practical: Undergraduate Anthropology Education In The Neoliberal Era Allen Batteau
2009 Renady Hightower Ethnography of the habitus of the emergency physician Andrea Sankar
2009 Alison Muhammad A bioarchaeological study of a late woodland population from Michigan: Frazer-Tyra site (20SA9) Tamara Bray


M.A. in Anthropology

Year First name Last name Advisor
2022 Matthew Defauw Jung
2022 Jenna Huntley Lesnik
2022 Alexis Martin Lesnik
2022 Justin Mazzola Newman
2022 Britney O'Neal Sankar
2022 Lindsey Sharp Newman
2022 Joshua Medina Stillo
2022 Tyler Bowers Jung
2022 Julia DiLaura Ryzewski
2022 Virgina Nastase Ryzewski
2021 Dina Charara Stillo
2021 Elizabeth Watson Jung
2021 Georgina Gill Jung
2021 Raveena Mata Stillo
2021 Errin Mitchell Ryzewski
2021 Zachariah Shorufi Jung
2021 Juliette Andre Jung
2021 Amanda Ford Ryzewski
2021 Katilyn Gerstner Lesnik
2021 Ashley Johnson Lesnik
2021 Travis Kruso Chrisomalis
2021 Tabitha Wesley Robbins
2020 Corrinne Sanger Robbins
2020 Kathryn Slocum Killion
2020 Bridget Bennane Ryzewski
2020 Hannon Hylkema Ryzewski
2020 Kimberly Oliver Lyons
2020 Jeri Pajor Ryzewski
2020 William Pizzimenti Ryzewski
2020 Hannelore Willeck Ryzewski
2020 Robert McCallum Sankar