Master of Arts in Anthropology

Our Master of Arts program provides students a solid foundation in cultural, linguistic, biological and archaeological anthropology. It offers in-depth training in a number of specializations, including historical archaeology, museum studies, business/organizational anthropology, medical anthropology, urban anthropology, paleo-diet, foodways, design, social entrepreneurship and land-use studies.

About the program

Our teaching brings students to think critically and analytically within and about these subjects in a range of classroom experiences that include equally rigorous commitments to developing theoretical and methodological expertise through student-developed research.

  • Using anthropological skills and theory to address human and environmental issues ranging from climate change, health and illness and aging to understanding how cultural values and practices structure and inform the user experience
  • Understanding how we produce goods and power, make kinship and gender, decide what is right and wrong, build and destroy environments and work in interdisciplinary teams to sustain our world
  • Studying language and other forms of communication, such as new media, technology, mathematics, and the arts
  • Through archaeological excavations, examining big-picture changes in society, culture, and biology over time from the deep human past to the realities of lives unfolding today and in the recent past
  • Investigating the evolution of human and non-human primates through the study of adaptation, behavior, and ecology confronting the contours and limits of human uniqueness


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