Undergraduate programs

Degree programs

Why study anthropology?

Undergraduate training in anthropology is designed for students:

  • Desiring scientific knowledge of the social and cultural determinants of behavior
  • Preparing to enter law, medicine, public health, social work, information sciences, or public administration
  • Preparing for employment in historical or natural science museums
  • Preparing to serve the business and/or industrial community as specialists in cross-cultural analysis or management consulting
  • Seeking to enter the field of cultural resource management
  • Expecting to work with the general public and, therefore, requiring a broad grasp of the nature of society, group behavior and social change
  • Looking forward to teaching anthropology or another of the social or behavioral sciences
  • Preparing for a career in another country, in international studies, or in foreign affairs
  • Planning to pursue careers in law enforcement, police science, or criminal justice
  • Who desire to pursue graduate studies in anthropology

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