Richard Barber Interdisciplinary Research Program

Since 2010, Richard Barber has generously funded our summer research program that has brought together researchers from across Wayne State University for transformative research and educational experiences.

Our program fosters collaboration between faculty and students from the College of Engineering, School of Medicine, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. This year includes a focus on student mentorship and expands the undergraduate schedule to a full-time workload. We aim to have this research experience be a meaningful experience for helping the students develop scientific approaches to problem-solving and fostering their high-tech careers.

For more information, please contact Professor Christopher Kelly or visit the CV Kelly Lab.

Program history

Over the past eight years, the Richard Barber Interdisciplinary Research Program has provided opportunities for students to participate in cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research while building collaborations between diverse academic departments. Over 111 WSU students and 14 different academic departments have participated. Many of the collaborations initiated via this program have continued to prosper, and many of the students have launched successful scientific careers. We are very proud of our past successes and are excited about our future improvements to the program.

Each year, we aim to increase the diversity in research projects, including theoretical and experimental research in the basic and applied sciences. The program includes full-time undergraduate support, encouragement of scientific outreach, and increased continuity in research support.

Funding opportunities

Interdisciplinary collaboration support

Collaborating faculty members and research staff from complementary academic departments at WSU are eligible to receive up to $20k to support their work and the acquisition of external research funds. This funding pathway is not currently active, but we are in discussions for future funding opportunities.

Undergraduate-requested research funds

Request additional supplemental research funds to support any research expenses.

Submit Undergraduate Research Funding Proposal

Peer-reviewed publication costs

Undergraduate researchers who significantly contributed to a peer-reviewed publication as part of their Barber-supported research may request up to $1,000 to cover up to 50% of the costs of publishing their publication. Apply with this form after your paper has been accepted for publication.

Submit Publication Funds Application

Travel expenses to present at a conference

Undergraduate researchers who would like to present their Barber-supported research at a scientific conference or symposium may request funds to support their travel. Up to $1,000 may be requested to cover up to 50% of their travel expenses. These funds may be used for multiple conferences, if appropriate. Apply with this form after your presentation abstract has been accepted by the conference or symposium organizers.

Submit Student Travel Support Application

Fellowship submission award

Undergraduate researchers are eligible for a $500 award for their submission of a fellowship to support their undergraduate or graduate research. The fellowship should include funding for your full-time salary and research expenses for at least three months of work from an external funding agency. By submitting the fellowship proposal, the student is eligible for this award; the student does not need to receive external funds to receive this Barber award. Example fellowships include the NSF REU, NSF GRFP and NIH UGSP. Apply with this form prior to submitting your fellowship proposal to the external agency.

Apply for Fellowship Submission Award