Graduate programs

Wayne State University offers graduate degrees in mathematics with specializations in pure mathematics, applied mathematics and mathematical statistics.

The courses offered by the Department of Mathematics serve several purposes:

  • Supply the mathematical preparation necessary for students specializing in the physical, biological or social sciences, in business administration, in engineering and in education
  • Provide a route by which students may arrive at the level of research competency in any of several special mathematical areas
  • Allow students to prepare themselves for work as mathematicians and statisticians in industry and government
  • Provide an opportunity to all inquisitive students to learn something about modern mathematical ideas

Applications for Ph.D. admission and graduate teaching assistantships

The Department of Mathematics offers graduate teaching assistantships on a competitive basis. All Ph.D. applications will automatically be considered for GTA positions. Some students may be offered Ph.D. admission without a funded GTA position.

Successful applicants will demonstrate sufficient mathematical preparation and sophistication, approximately equivalent to a bachelor's or master's degree in the mathematical sciences. One year of abstract algebra and one year of real analysis are typically viewed as adequate previous coursework. However, other mathematical courses at a similar level of sophistication can also demonstrate preparation. Coursework in applied statistics, actuarial mathematics and computer science generally does not suffice for admission.

Successful applicants will also demonstrate potential for research. Students should be self-motivated, independent and disciplined. They should also be able to think creatively. Evidence of such potential can appear in the recommendation letters, in the optional statement of purpose and in the optional writing sample.

External applicants must apply through Wayne State graduate admissions. Ph.D. applicants are not required to pay an application fee. Applications are usually accepted only for Fall semesters and are due on Jan. 31. Internal applicants should contact the Department of Mathematics at for further instructions. The required application components are:

In addition, optional application components are:

  • Statement of purpose
  • GRE general and subject tests
  • Writing sample

Non-discrimination statement: Wayne State University and the GEOC (Graduate Employees’ Organizing Committee – American Federation of Teachers) recognize an obligation and reaffirm by this Agreement their commitment to achieve equal employment opportunity, non-discrimination, and non-harassment within the University. Accordingly, it is agreed that, consistent with University policies, the University and members of the bargaining unit shall not discriminate or harass on the basis of race, color, veteran status, height, weight, ethnicity, religion, creed, political affiliation, political beliefs, membership in any social or political organization, national origin, caste, ancestry, marital/relationship or parental status, caregiver status (i.e. providing care for a dependent person), age, gender, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, sexual orientation, disability, or HIV status, of those capable of performing their professional duties. The preceding list is illustrative but not exhaustive. For the purpose of this agreement, discrimination applies both to incidents characterized as “disparate treatment” and “disparate impact.” Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit Wayne State University from the application of bona fide occupational qualifications as may be appropriate or from taking such measures as may be permissible by law, to protect the health and safety of the University community.

Graduate program directors