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Unleash the power of infinite possibilities and chart your course to success at Wayne State University, where equations evolve into solutions and your academic journey becomes a limitless equation waiting to be solved!

Getting started

Learn from world-renowned mathematicians and find what fuels you at Wayne State.

Why study mathematics at Wayne State in Detroit?

Wayne State's Department of Mathematics takes pride in the quality and variety of opportunities available to our students. Mathematics is a powerful tool with many applications that can lead to careers in business, finance, medicine, engineering, basic sciences and more. We offer undergraduate degrees that prepare students for careers in scientific research, government, industry and education. OurĀ graduate programs offer both master's and Ph.D. degrees.

Internationally recognized faculty

The department has a large faculty of over 30 professors who, in addition to teaching, are engaged in research in many areas of pure mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics. Our faculty strive to strengthen the mathematical foundation of all Wayne State students to help them develop confidence in their mathematical abilities, become effective critical thinkers, grow in their professions and become productive members of society.

Teaching excellence

Five members of our faculty have received the President's Award for Excellence in Teaching. The quality of our instructional programs is a top priority. Our students interact with and take even basic mathematics courses from outstanding faculty.

Small class size and individual attention

Courses for non-majors contain at most 35 students. Courses for majors are even smaller. Professors have the opportunity to know each of their students and to engage in personal contact during office hours.

Course selection

Undergraduate courses are offered at a variety of times to accommodate both day and night students. Courses are scheduled so that part-time, as well as full-time students, have full access to all required courses.

Learning support services

The Department of Mathematics offers special programs and support services to provide the greatest opportunity for all students to succeed in mathematics courses. These programs include a free mathematics tutoring service available to all students.

Research opportunities

Mathematics majors at the undergraduate level have the opportunity to participate in innovative and highly successful research groups.

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