Master of Science in Data Science and Business Analytics: Statistics

Wayne State's Master of Science in Data Science and Business Analytics with a major in statistics offers graduates a core of computing, business, statistics and operations research skills to identify, analyze and solve analytics problems. This cutting-edge curriculum seamlessly integrates the realms of data science and business analytics, offering a comprehensive exploration of statistical methodologies that drive informed decision-making in the digital age.

About the program

Dive deep into the world of probability theory, regression analysis and predictive modeling, gaining a profound understanding of how statistical principles underpin the extraction of meaningful insights from vast and complex datasets. Wayne State's program goes beyond the theoretical, emphasizing hands-on experience with industry-leading tools and techniques, ensuring that graduates are not only adept statisticians but also skilled practitioners ready to tackle real-world business challenges.

Join a dynamic community of like-minded professionals, guided by expert faculty at the forefront of statistical research and data science innovation. Elevate your career prospects and become a statistical maestro in the rapidly evolving landscape of data-driven decision-making.

Career insights

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