Graduate student job placement history

Please note that this list indicates only initial appointments and not necessarily subsequent promotions or new positions. Professors' last name are indicated in parenthesis at the end.


Sarah Primeau

Lecturer, University of Illinois Chicago, Chicago, IL (Barton)

Clare Russell

Lecturer, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (Pruchnic and Sackey)

Rachel Dortin

Assistant Professor, University of Central Arkansas, Conway, AR (Sckey)


Catherine Donaldson

Lecturer, Henry Ford Collge, Dearborn, MI (Ranney)

Sean Milligan

Visiting Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, MI (Marback)

Ian Kennedy

Lecturer, University of Michigan Dearborn, Dearborn, MI (Shaviro)


Alisa Alkins

Full-time faculty, Harold Washington College, Chicago, IL (Watten)

Elizabeth Acosta

Associate professor of English, El Paso Community College (Jackson)

Judith Lakämper

Assistant editor, Lexington Press/ Fortress Academic imprint at Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, MD (hoogland)

Sean Levenson

Assistant Professor of English, Tarrant County College, Ft. Worth, TX (Chess)

Vytautas Malesh

Instructor in English, Florida International University, Miami, FL (Ranney)

Mindy Myers

Visiting assistant professor, Kettering University, Flint, MI (Marback)

Renuka Uthappa

Assistant professor, Adrian College, Adrian, MI (Marback)


Vincent Haddad

Assistant professor, Department of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Central State University, Wilberforce, OH (hoogland)


Erin Bell

Full-time English instructor, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies-Academic Affairs, Baker College, Allen Park, MI (hoogland)

Renuka Gusain

Lecturer in humanities, University of North Carolina at Asheville (Jackson)

Michael McGinnis

Lecturer in English, University of Alabama at Huntsville (Barton)

Luke Thominet

Assistant professor of professional and technical writing, Florida International University, Miami, FL (Pruchnic)

Shandi Wagner

Instructor in English, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN (Scrivener)


Matthew Cicci

Assistant professor of digital rhetoric, Alma College, Alma, MI (Kee)

Abigail Heininger

Assistant Professor, Bluefield College, Bluefield, VA (Vlasopolos)

Justin Remeselnik

Assistant professor of film studies, Dept. of English, Iowa State University (Thompson)


Christopher Giroux

Tenure-track assistant professor, Saginaw Valley State University, University Center, MI (Ze-Winters)

Abigail Heiniger

Visiting assistant professor, Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, MI (Vlasopolos)

Jason Kahler

Tenure-track assistant professor, Saginaw Valley State University, University Center, MI (Marback)

Conor Shaw-Draves

Tenure-track assistant professor, Saginaw Valley State University, University Center, MI (Pruchnic)

Andie Silva

Tenure-track assistant professor, York College/The City University of New York, New York, NY (Chess)

Andrew O. Winckles

Tenure-track assistant professor, Adrian College, Adrian, MI (Scrivener)


Laura Estill

Tenure-track assistant professor, Texas A & M, College Station, TX (Jackson)

Mike Ristich

Visiting assistant professor, Michigan State University, Lansing, MI (Pruchnic) 

Crystal Starkey

Tenure-track assistant professor, Delta College, University Center, MI (Pruchnic)

Hilary Sarat-St. Peter

Tenure-track assistant professor, Columbia College, Chicago, IL (Ranney)


Andrew Engel

Tenure-track assistant professor, Wiley College, Marshall, TX (Marback)

Kim Lacey

Tenure-track assistant professor, Saginaw Valley State University, University Center, MI (Marback)

Justin Remeselnik

Lecturer in film and literature, Oakland University (Thompson)


Emine Selmin Kara

Tenure-track assistant professor, Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), Toronto, Canada (Grusin)

Jill Morris

Tenure-track assistant professor, Frostburg State University, Frostburg, MA (Marback)

Justin Vidovic

Tenure-track assistant professor, Prairie State Community College, Chicago Heights, IL (Gorzelsky)


Vicki Abboud

Tenure-track English Instructor, Grande Prairie Regional College, Alberta, Canada (Vlasopolos)

Tara Hayes

Special lecturer, Oakland University, Auburn Hills & Rochester Hills, MI (Marotti)

Cara Kozma

Tenure-track assistant professor at High Point University, High Point, North Carolina (Gorzelsky)

Anne Nichols

Assistant professor of English and director of the honors program, Rochester College, Rochester Hills, MI (Scrivener)

Justin Prystash

Assistant professor, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan (Aguirre)

Sarah Valensky

System director for general and developmental education, Baker College, Flint, MI (Barton)


Kim Davis

Tenure-track assistant professor Saginaw State University, University Center, MI (Gorzelsky)

Carrie Nartker

Tenure-track assistant professor, Monroe Community College, Monroe, MI (Jackson)


Melissa Ames

Tenure-track assistant professor, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL (Grusin)

Ellisai Blacque

Tenure-track assistant professor, Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA (Wasserman)

Linda Mercer Learman

Tenure-track assistant professor at Adrian College, Adrian, MI (Barton)


Carrie Nartker

Tenure-track assistant professor at Monroe Community College, Monroe, MI (Jackson)


Michael Rex

Tenure-track assistant professor, Cumberland University, Williamsburg, KY (Maclean)

Erik Mortenson

Assistant professor at Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey (Watten)

Julianne Newmark

Tenure-track assistant professor at New Mexico Tech, Socorr, New Mexico (Herron)

Cynthia Van Sickle

Tenure-track instructor at McHenry County College, Crystal Lake, IL (Aguirre)


Doris Runey

Visiting assistant professor, Oakland University, Auburn Hills & Rochester Hills, MI (Vlasopolos)


Susan Beckwith

Visiting assistant professor, Oakland University, Auburn Hills & Rochester Hills, MI (Reed)

Ojay Johnson

Tenure-track assistant professor, Johnson C. Smith University, Charlott, NC (Marback)

Karen Keaton

Tenure-track assistant professor, North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC (Marback)

Linda Brender

Tenure-track assistant professor, Macomb County Community College, Warren, MI (Barton)

Kimme Nuckles

Associate dean, Baker College, Flint, MI (Barton)


Willie Harrell

Tenure-track assistant professor at Kent State University (Pudaloff)

Scott Nokes

Tenure-track assistant professor at Troy State University, Alabama (Sklar)

Coretta Pittman

Tenure-track assistant professor at Baylor University (Marback)

Gary Schneider

Tenure-track assistant professor at University of Texas, Pan-American, Edinburg (Marotti)

Christopher Wilkey

Tenure-track assistant professor at Northern Kentucky University (Marback)


Mark Aune

Tenure-track assistant professor at North Dakota State University (Marotti)

Susan Honeyman

Tenure-track assistant professor at University of Nebraska, Kearney (Reed)

Robert Carr

Tenure-track assistant professor at Fitchburg State College, Massachussets (Ranney)


Amy Hawkins

Tenure-track assistant professor at Columbia College, Chicago (Marback)

Stephen Germic

Tenure-track assistant professor at James Madison University (Lindberg)

Sarah Chandler

Tenure-track assistant professor Kean College, New Jersey (Langlois)

Barbara Dickson-Schneider

Tenure-track assistant professor at University of Toledo (Ranney)


Marshall Kitchens

Tenure-track assistant professor at Oakland University (Marback)

Valerie Kinloch

Tenure-track assistant professor at University of Houston-Downtown Campus (Marback)

Samantha Blackmon

Tenure-track assistant professor at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana (Marback)

Lisa Ortiz

Tenure-track assistant professor at the College of New Jersey (Vlasopolos)


Reginald Gerlica

Tenure-track assistant professor at Henry Ford Community College (Marback)

Jodi Wyett

Tenure-track assistant professor at Xavier University, Cincinnati (Landry)

Susan Richardson

Tenure-track assistant professor at Macomb County Community College (Ray)


Paulette Childress

Instructor at Henry Ford Community College (Pudaloff)

Patrick Bruch

Tenure-track assistant professor, University of Minnesota (Marback)

David Luther

Tenure-track assistant professor, Middle Georgia College ( Atlanta ) (Marotti)

Suchitra Mathur

Tenure-track assistant professor at University of Louisana at Lafayette (Maclean)

Nancy McGee

Associate Dean at Davenport College (Barton)


Tim Montbriand

Tenure-track assistant professor Mohave Community College, Arizona (Marotti)

Marijo Dulan

Tenure-track assistant professor at Salem College, North Carolina (Maclean)