Speech and Language Clinics clinical practicum

Clinical programs

  • General Outpatient Clinic

    The General Outpatient Clinic serves clients in an after-school program. Many, but not all of the clients are school-age. Preschool children and adult clients may also be served in this program.

    The outpatient clinic is scheduled on Monday between 3 and 7 p.m. Appointments are scheduled once per week for 50-minute sessions. Schedules are based on the needs of the client and family as well as the available openings in the program.

    The clinic serves approximately 40 clients each semester. The outpatient clinic also offers specialized programs for autism, stuttering, hearing loss, speech sound disorders, language disorders and pediatric feeding disorders.

  • Speech Therapy and Education Program for Stroke Survivors Clinic (STEPSS)

    The STEPSS clinic serves adult clients who have suffered some type of acquired neurological damage. Common diagnoses may include stroke, traumatic brain injury, or progressive neurological diseases such as Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis.

    Specialized small group intervention programs are also offered for clients with chronic long-term communication impairments. Clinicians and clients in the STEPSS program hold an "end of the semester" potluck luncheon each semester. This luncheon provides an opportunity for the CSD faculty and staff to interact with the STEPSS clients and their families. It also offers an opportunity for clinicians to meet STEPSS clients prior to the start of the Winter and Spring Summer Terms. Our group sessions are designed to address the needs of clients at varying levels of communication recovery.

    The STEPSS program serves approximately 40 to 50 adult clients each semester.


    This clinic is scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Appointments are scheduled on the hour and are 50 minutes in duration. Large group sessions are offered on Wednesdays.

  • Preschool Language Acquisition Years (PLAY) Program

    The PLAY Program is a six-week summer program offered at the Wayne State University Speech and Language Clinics during the summer term.


    The PLAY Program meets on Monday and Wednesday mornings between 9 a.m. and 12 noon. Many children continue services in our general outpatient program and others return to school-based programs. The PLAY program groups are designed to address a range of communicative needs of preschool children. The composition and needs of the group vary each summer.

    The program serves a total of 12 to 18 children each summer. Interested families should contact Ms. Denise Walker at denise.walker@wayne.edu prior to their child's participation in this program. We generally maintain a waiting list for this program.

  • Diagnostic Clinic

    The Diagnostic Clinic provides diagnostic evaluations to most clients seeking speech-language intervention through the Wayne State University Speech and Language Clinics. The clinic is open on selected days and times throughout the year with the exception of August.

  • Stuttering Program

    Individualized stuttering services for children and adults are available throughout the year.

Clinical practicum

The Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders' Speech and Language Clinics is one of the department's clinical practicum training sites for graduate students in the M.A. speech-language pathology program.

First-year graduate students in speech-language pathology (SLP) rotate among three practica teams. Two of these teams (outpatient and STEPSS) are based in the Speech and Language Clinics. The outpatient and STEPSS teams provide direct service to children and adults with communication disorders. The third team is the Head Start team. The Head Start clinical practicum is conducted in conjunction with local head start agencies. Our campus clinical faculty/students also serve two additional community agencies: Mary's Children Family Center and Gigi's Playhouse. In addition to these team assignments, M.A. students in speech-language pathology rotate through a wide range of off-campus experiences.

During their second year, M.A. students in speech-language pathology participate in specialized on/off-campus placements during the fall semester. Students complete a full-time 15-week internship during their final semester in the M.A. program.

Full-time clinical faculty

Part-time clinical faculty

Non-discrimination policy

Wayne State University (WSU) is committed to a policy of non-discrimination and equal opportunity in all of its operations, employment status, educational programs and related activities. As part of WSU, the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders adheres to this same policy for faculty and students as well as for clients of the department's clinics. Students, faculty, staff and persons served in the department's clinics are treated in a nondiscriminatory mannerthat is, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national or ethnic origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, genetic information, citizenship or status as a covered veteran.