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Two ReBUILDetroit students featured in NIH-funded video series Face of Science
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Sean Hickey receives University Research Grant
Vladimir Chernyak elected to Academy of Scholars
Long Luo to receive Wayne State Academy of Scholars Junior Faculty Award
Isuri Weeraratne completes Ph.D. degree
Federico Rabuffetti wins Career Development Chair Award
WSU ACS host this year's Detroit Local Section Undergraduate Research Symposium
Alice Walker joining the department
Chemistry professor's research collaboration opens door to new scientific questions
Re-introducing NOBCChE WSU student chapter
Chemistry Ph.D. recipients for the 2019 – 2020 school year
ACS-SA sets records
Chemistry department partners with ReBUILDetroit
Alumnus forges a career through chemistry and art
Chem shows its Warrior pride
The future of PPE
Science Olympiad (almost) comes to Wayne State
Celebrating safety 
Improving diversity and inclusion 
A letter from the WSU Chemistry Chair, Matt Allen
Welcome Assistant Professor James Bour
Department of Chemistry alumni updates, winter 2021
Meet the chemistry incoming class of 2020
Remembering Morton Raban 
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