Diversity, equity and inclusion

The mission of the Chemistry Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee is to encourage a stronger and just environment for chemistry education and training. Our key efforts are to increase DEI awareness, manage DEI expectations and incident reporting, and ensure that DEI policies are adopted in our Department to foster a highly diverse STEM community at WSU.

Upcoming DEI events

Help our mission by getting involved in upcoming informal workshops – all are welcome! Events are scheduled to be in-person (Schaap Hall, Chemistry Building).

  • Sept 27, 2:00-2:45 pm "Neurodiversity" Chair: Dan Corey, (Fehl Lab)
  • Oct 21, 12:30-1:15 pm "Changing the way we talk about disability" Chair: Eva M. (Verani Lab) 
  • Nov 15, 2:30-3:15 pm "Understanding inequity to reach equity" Chair: Gibson Kirui (Verani Lab)
  • Jan 2022 Date Announced Soon: "The biology of race in the absence of biological races" Chair: Ryan Snyder (Stockdill Lab)

Also look for upcoming Ally Training, Cultural Sensitivity for Outreach, and other workshops with Office for Multicultural Student Engagement – information TBA on our website.

Committee members

Name Title Email Location
Charlie Fehl Chair, assistant professor charlie.fehl@wayne.edu Chemistry 469
Christine Chow Former chair, professor cchow@wayne.edu Chemistry 479
Sibrina Collins External advisor, executive director, Marburger STEM Center, Lawrence Technical University  scollins@ltu.edu  
Aaron Rury Assistant professor aaron.rury@wayne.edu Chemistry 077
Nawana Lawson Solutions room manager nawana.lawson@wayne.edu Science Hall 0025/0031
Sue White Laboratory manager saw@wayne.edu Chemistry 245
Daniel Corey Graduate student dcorey@wayne.edu Chemistry 463
Eva Mwakazi Graduate student evamwakazi@wayne.edu  
Gibson Kirui Graduate student gibsonkirui@wayne.edu  
Ryan Snyder Undergraduate Researcher ryan_snyder@wayne.edu  


Any kind of harassment or aggression, major or micro, is a serious concern to our chemistry department. If you find yourself in a situation outside the normal expectations of a friendly, inclusive, professional, safe, and supportive environment, here is the place to get help.

File a Confidential Incident Report