Medical anthropology

Medical anthropologists at Wayne State are currently involved in multiple research projects.

Current research

Project Faculty
"Disparities in COVID Health Care Programs For Older Adults And Their Caregivers." US Dept HHS, United Way / Michigan Dept of Health & Dept of Human Services Coronavirus Task Force On Racial Disparities. WSU/United Way/COVID313, program project. Luborsky, project "COVID19 Building Trust and Knowledge, Avoiding Scams on Testing, Contact tracing, and Vaccination. 2020-2021 Professor Luborsky
"Frontline Workers on the Job During the Pandemic: COVID19 Insights to Design Strategies To Promote Testing, Vaccination, and Safe Habits," Funded by Ford Motor Company and United Auto Workers. PI: Luborsky 2020-2021 Professor Luborsky
"Worker Driven Designs: Worker-Circles to Reduce Vaccine Hesitancy by Promoting Moral Communities," Funded by Ford Motor Company and United Auto Workers. PI: Luborsky. 2021 Professor Luborsky
"Narrative Resources In Co-Creation Of Care For Frail Older Persons. Advancing Programs For Person-Centered Care For Old People Living With Frailty." FORTE – Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare. Dual-PI: Josephsson and Luborsky. WSU, Gothenburg University, Karolinska Institutet, Umeå University. 2019-2021 Professor Luborsky
Histories and Lifespans of Later Life Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation: Providers and Clients. Results will be presented as invited Keynote to World Congress on Rehabilitation. Aarhus, Denmark, Sept 2021 Professor Luborsky
Gardens of Memory: Aging and Sociality in Urban Contexts Professor Robbins
Remembering, Forgetting, and the Intimate Politics of Memory in Dementia Professor Robbins
Beyond East/West: Producing Knowledge on Aging in Central Europe Professor Robbins
Sankar, A. and Luborsky, M. COVID 19 Mitigation and Trust URP: Ford Motor Company and Wayne State. Professor Sankar
Dying at Home: A Guide for Family Caregivers Professor Sankar
Combating Tuberculosis in Romania Professor Stillo
Human Rights, and Patient-Centered Tuberculosis Care Professor Stillo

Recent research projects (select)

Project Faculty
"The Sciences and Anthropology Of Diversity In Ageing, Retirement, And End Of Life." National Geographic Channel documentary series. Professor Luborsky

"Engaging Neighborhood, Gender, and Personal Beliefs and Practices to Reduce Risk for Chronic Disease Among Immigrant Women." FORTE– Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare. Co-Inv: Luborsky.

Professor Luborsky

"COVID313 Virtual Townhall: Racial Disparities & COVID-19 - Are Researchers Ready?" Sessions hosted on Detroit TV and Online live. A coalition of: COVID313 Community Coalition for Families and Youth; WSU Provost's Social & Behavioral Determinants of Health Steering Committee, Karmanos Institute, WSU School of Medicine. Co-Organizer: Luborsky.

Professor Luborsky

"Mixed Methods Research Training for the Health Sciences, Research, and Practice." Harvard University / Johns Hopkins – Bloomberg School of Public Health. 2015 to 2023. NIH/NIMH. Co-investigator: Luborsky

Professor Luborsky

"Improving Community awareness for Detroit River Fish Advisories: Community Intervention and Evaluation." Erb Family Foundation. Kashian, PI, Luborsky Co-PI. 2012-2015.

Professor Luborsky

"Biomonitoring of Persistent Toxic Substances in Michigan Urban Fish Eaters." CDC/ATSDR, and Michigan Department of Community Health, Division of Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology. PI: Linda D. Dykema, MDCM, WSU Co-PI. Luborsky. 2012 – 2014.

Professor Luborsky
Aging Nationally in Contemporary Poland Professor Robbins
Gardening and Wellbeing among Older African Americans in Detroit Professor Robbins
Older Adults' Experiences and Understandings of the Flint Water Crisis Professor Robbins

2018. PI. Jung, Y. Co-PI. Sankar, A. "Safety Shield: Qualitative Study on Driver Evaluation of Automotive Safety Technology," Nissan-Hearst. $48,595.

Professor Sankar

2017. PI. Sankar, A. Co-PI. Yuson Jung. "Virtual Passenger Beta Test & Qualitative Study of User Experience," Chevrolet Motors, $99,488.

Professor Sankar

2012-2014. Co-PI. Erb Foundation, Improving community awareness for Detroit River fish consumption advisories, $95,000.

Professor Sankar

2011-2013. PI Bio-Monitoring of Persistent Toxic Substances in Michigan Urban Fish Eaters: Venue Based Sampling Michigan Department of Community Health, $202,500.

Professor Sankar

2006-2009. PI Rwanda-Prevention for Positives: Intervention-linked Research Targeting HIV infected People USAID, $97,000.

Professor Sankar

Core faculty

Andrea Sankar, Ph.D., University of Michigan

Mark Luborsky, Ph.D. (social anthropology), University of Rochester, Rochester, NY,  1985

Jessica Robbins, Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2013

Jonathan Stillo, Ph.D., City University of New York Graduate Center, 2017

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