Memorial celebration for Gordon L. Grosscup


On May 6, we celebrated the life of Professor emeritus Gordon L. Grosscup, who passed away at the age of 93 in November 2021. Here are some photographs from the event, which brought together Gordy's friends, students, and colleagues across several generations.

Artifacts from Dr. Grosscup's personal and academic life were on display.
Dr. Megan McCullen, Museum Director, addressing the gathering at Traffic Jam & Snug.
Dr. Tamara Bray, Museum Director 1995-2015, reflects on Dr. Grosscup's contributions.
Alum Dr. Carolyn Campbell paid tribute to Dr. Grosscup's mentorship.
Dr. Megan McCullen, Museum Director, showcases artifacts and reports related to Dr. Grosscup's academic and personal life. 


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