WSU Team wins DIA Plaza Student Competition Jury and People's Choice awards!

Please join us in congratulating Professor Kami Pothukuchi and her team of DUSP students and alum Amy Zhou for winning the two top awards for the DIA Plaza Student Competition – the Jury Award as well as the People's Choice Award!

The aim of the competition was to address opportunities for the DIA and surrounding cultural district to connect with each other and with outside communities. Student teams developed cutting-edge tactics, prototypes, concepts, and designs that would better integrate the DIA in its unique geography at the heart of the region’s greatest collection of cultural assets.

Many thanks for your votes for the People's Choice Awards. The competition involved entries from the University of Detroit, Mercy, the University of Michigan, and Michigan State University!

You can view the winning entry at

Current students involved in the project include Kristin Shaw, Shelby Holmes and Ashaki Zeigler are cc'd. (Sany Bilani attended a meeting but had to drop out). Please congratulate them if you see them in class and outside!

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