Summer 2012 urban planning award winners

The Department of Urban Studies and Planning is pleased to announce our recent awardees.

Galster Prize

This prize is awarded to the best graduating student in the Master of Urban Planning program in the academic year. This year's winner is Erica Raleigh, data systems project manager, at Data Driven Detroit.

Smock Award

The Smock Award was established by Dr. Sue Marx Smock, founding dean of the then WSU College of Urban, Labor and Metropolitan Affais (CULMA). Her award is designed to encourage WSU graduate students to research and write on important urban topics.

This year's winners are Master of Urban Planning students, Angela Gougherty and Steven Wiltse.

Urban topics of study may have a Detroit focus but a local topic is not a requirement of the award. It is expected that the awardees will use their work as part of their terminal essay/thesis and that, where appropriate, their work should also be developed for possible submission to an academic or policy journal.

Congratulations to our 2012 awardees!

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