Ph.D. in Sociology plan of work

For students with an M.A. in Sociology

This sample plan of work/graduate course sequencing represents one path to degree completion and does not guarantee graduation by the proposed timeline subject to student performance and class availability. Students are advised to meet with their advisor to develop an individualized plan of work.

See plan of work of students with an M.A. in a related discipline (not sociology).

On a case-by-case basis, two additional prerequisite classes (Classical Theory and Research Methods) may
be waived; if not waived, see sequencing below.

Semester one

Course # Title Credits
SOC 6280 Social Statistics 3
SOC 6060 Social Theory 3
  Elective I 3
Total 9

Note: Social theory may be offered every other year, or third semester, depending on student needs.

Semester two

Course # Title Credits
SOC 6290 Social Statistics II 3
  Elective II 3
  Cognate I 3
Total 9

Semester three

Course # Title Credits
SOC 7260 Qualitative Methods 3
  Cognate II 3
  Elective III 3
Total 9

Note: Qualitative Methods is offered every fall semester, or occasionally every third semester.

Semester four

Course # Title Credits
SOC #### Another methods course (7270, 7280, 7500, 7510,
7520, 8200, or 8250)
SOC #### Elective IV 3
Total 6

Note: Courses offered varies based on student needs; rounds out the third course in the methods sequence.

Semester five

Course # Title Credits
SOC 9991 Doctoral Candidate Status I: Dissertation Research and Direction 7.5
Total 7.5

Semester six

Course # Title Credits
SOC 9992 Doctoral Candidate Status II: Dissertation Research and Direction 7.5
Total 7.5

Semester seven

Course # Title Credits
SOC 9993 Doctoral Candidate Status III: Dissertation Research and Direction 7.5
Total 7.5

Semester eight

Course # Title Credits
SOC 9994 Doctoral Candidate Status IV: Dissertation Research and Direction 7.5
Total 7.5

Semesters beyond eight

For semesters beyond eight: SOC 9995 Candidate Maintenance Status: Doctoral Dissertation (maintenance credits; must be enrolled consecutively).