MARC Program mentors

Name Laboratory interest Department Research interests
Athar Ansari Biochemistry Biological Sciences Regulation of transcription and cotranscriptional RNA processing
Christine Chow Biochemistry Chemistry Modified RNAs; drug targeting of RNA; metal complexes that bind RNA
Timothy Stemmler Biochemistry Pharmaceutical Sciences Metalloprotein biophysical characterization
Jennifer Stockdill Biochemistry Chemistry Peptide synthesis and organic chemistry
Alice Walker Biochemistry Chemistry Computational biochemistry
Charlie Fehl Biochemistry Chemistry Chemical biology, glycobiology, metabolic disease, cancer
Markus Friedrich Biological sciences Biological Sciences Evolutionary biology
Miriam Greenberg Biological sciences Biological Sciences Lipid function and homeostasis; cardiolipin function; inositol-depleting drugs
Penelope Higgs Biological sciences Biological Sciences Microbiology/signal transduction
Victoria Meller Biological sciences Biological Sciences Epigenetics, IncRNA, siRNA, X chromosome recognition
Lori Pile Biological sciences Biological Sciences Epigenetic gene regulation
Zhi-Feng Huang Biomedical physics Physics Modeling and simulation of complex materials and biomedical systems
Christopher Kelly Biomedical physics Physics Biophysics
Carolyn Harris Chemical engineering  Chemical Engineering & Material Sciences Biomaterial, neural prosthetics
Matthew Allen Chemistry Chemistry Contrast agents for imaging, catalysis, f-block elements
Jeremy Kodanko Chemistry Chemistry Organic, inorganic and medicinal chemistry; drug discovery
Federico Rabuffetti Chemistry Chemistry Solid-state materials and nanomaterials chemistry
Howard Matthew Chemical engineering Chemical Engineering Tissue engineering of cardiovascular, bone and liver systems
Shirley Papuga Environmental science/geology Geology Ecohydrology, environmental science, sustainability, urban
Sokol Todi Neuroscience/physiology Pharmacology Neurodegenerative diseases
Yifan Zhang Nutrition and food science Nutrition and Food Science Food microbiology and antimicrobial resistance
Eduard Chekmenev Oncology Chemistry Physical chemistry, MRI, contrast agents, oncology
Michelle Cote Oncology Oncology Health disparities & molecular epidemiology
Larry Matherly Oncology Oncology Cancer metabolism, cancer drug discovery. 
Stephan Patrick Oncology Oncology DNA repair
Nerissa Viola Oncology Oncology Molecular imaging
Karin List Pharmacology/oncology Pharmacology Cancer biology
Robert Wessells Physiology Physiology Exercise, aging metabolism
Chris Trentacosta Psychology Psychology Child development, families in poverty
Alana Conti Psychology/neuroscience Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience Traumatic brain injury/traumatic stress and substance abuse
Mark Lumley Psychology/neuroscience Psychology Psychological stress and health; psychological treatments for pain
Shane Perrine Psychology/neuroscience Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience  Behavioral effects of drugs of abuse; exposure to traumatic stress
Patricia Wren Public health Public Health Patient-centered outcomes
Tricia Miranda-Hartsuff Public health Public health Health disparities, intersectionality, and evaluation
Emily Grekin Psychology Psychology Predictors of alcohol use disorders, computerized interventions for problem alcohol use