Match funding

The guidelines contained here outline the required components of the application, allowable and unallowable expenses, and the criteria most often used to evaluate requests for match funding. Evaluation criteria are also affected by the sponsor requirements, prior applications for, receipt, and use of funding, and whether funding is likely to perpetually contribute to the institution's long-term research goals.

Faculty may consider an application for match funding or other support to demonstrate Wayne State University's commitment to the sponsored funding project or to increase the potential impact of the program.

If the program meets the goals outlined, faculty will improve chances of funding by submitting an application that details how the additional internal support will impact one or more of the following areas:

  1. Increase the level of total support for research activity in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; increasing the ability of programs to deliver results at a higher level, and to increase the level of interdisciplinary participation as well as students involved in research.
  2. Promote innovation and collaboration in research activity by enabling researchers to build teams and to collect data on a smaller scale leading to writing larger proposals for external funding.
  3. Improve the state of equipment and facilities that support research activity.

Information that should be provided to support a request for match funding

A request for match funding or other support should be supported by the departmental chair.  Please consult with the departmental chair on support and commitment of departmental funding. Priority is given to requests that provide a departmental commitment of funding.

A request should be submitted one month prior to the submittal of an external proposal in order to permit adequate time for consideration.

Draft a memo that includes the following information:

  • Applicant name
  • Title
  • Department
  • Program/project title
    • External funding announcement (attach draft proposal or provide the eProp identifier)
    • Abstract (250 words or less)/impact narrative (describe the potential impact/broader significance of the program or item). For equipment or facilities, you may attach quotations or letters of support
    • Budget

Allowable expenses

  • Equipment/Instruments/Software/Specialized Facility Services – provide detail of the use and contribution to a research program within the discipline.  If the resource will be shared or is a novel equipment item, this should be stated in the application's narrative summary
  • Research Assistants or Technicians – provide detail of the research experience that the student(s) will gain. Non-WSU student support must be explicitly justified. The guidelines for support of graduate students should be consulted as well as any program guidelines for the external funding. Unallowable sponsor expenses will not be supported by internal funds, however, categorical or spending limits on sponsor funding may be supplemented by internal funds
  • Other – provide detail of how the support will meet the goals outlined

Unallowable expenses

  • Salary of principal investigator or co-investigator – supplemental salary and/or course release requests will not be approved
  • General equipment/software/services – general-use equipment and similar items will not be approved
  • Non-specific travel – travel will not be approved
  • Duplicated funding through Internal or external sources – do not duplicate budget items funded within a sponsored program or another available source
  • Carryover funding – provide a realistic plan for use of the budget within the budget section of the application. This date will be used to monitor use of funds. Unused funds must be returned