Accelerated Graduate Enrollment (AGRADE)

Bachelor of Science/Master of Public Health (B.S.P.H.-M.P.H.)

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  • Who is eligible to participate in AGRADE?

    At the time of application students must:

    • Declare a public health major or minor
    • Apply for AGRADE when you have junior or senior status and have earned ~ 90 credits; cumulative GPA ≥ 3.5
    • Complete at least PH 2100, 3100, 3200, 3300; public health GPA ≥ 3.6
      • If you do not meet these GPA requirements, the MPH Admissions Committee will also look for an upward trend in your GPA.
        • Write a letter to the Admissions Committee explaining why your GPA is low and what you have learned as an undergraduate that will assure your success as a graduate student.  You could also explain any circumstances that prevented you from excelling initially. 
    • Meet with your undergraduate advisor to confirm eligibility before you apply
  • What are the benefits of pursuing the AGRADE program?

    Reduced time to two degrees

    Undergraduate students complete 15 graduate credits and use these toward both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

    Reduced costs

    Earn fifteen graduate credits at the undergraduate tuition rate.

    An accelerated path to the MPH degree

    You can earn your MPH Degree in only one year after you successfully complete all five AGRADE classes.

  • What does the application process consist of (forms, online application, etc.)?
    • Complete AGRADE Dual-Enrollment Form with Margaret MacKeverican, the undergraduate advisor for the AGRADE program, and obtain sign-off
    • Schedule an appointment with Elissa Firestone to discuss course planning and to develop an MPH plan of work. Obtain Elissa Firestone's signature on the Dual Enrollment form
    • Forward the following documents to the AGRADE program (
      • Résumé
      • Dual-Enrollment Approval Form signed by Margaret MacKeverican and Elissa Firestone
      • Personal statement that includes your career goals and reasons for applying for the AGRADE program
      • Two faculty letters of recommendation. Letters should be attached to an email submitted directly by your referees to the AGRADE program ( Request that references put your name in the subject line of the email
        • Ask your BSPH professors for strong letters of recommendation. A letter of recommendation from BSPH faculty will go a long way in convincing WSU's MPH admissions committee that you will be successful in their graduate program.
  • What are AGRADE application deadlines?
    Semester Deadline
    Fall July 1
    Winter November 1
    Spring March 1
  • Can I still apply for AGRADE if I have over 90 credits?

    Yes, but the AGRADE program offers the most benefit to those who are at approximately 90 credits at the time of application. Students should consult their undergraduate advisor and the MPH AGRADE advisor to see if the AGRADE program is beneficial for them.

  • How competitive is the AGRADE application process?

    AGRADE admission decisions are competitive and not all students who meet minimum eligibility requirements will be admitted. Admission decisions are made by the AGRADE review committee who consider the strength of the student's academic record and complementary public health experiences. 

  • Who can I contact for more information?

    Margaret MacKeverican, M.Ed.
    BSPH Academic and AGRADE Advisor
    313 577-0653 |

    Elissa Firestone, M.Ed.
    MPH Program Manager
    313 577-1051 |