Bachelor of Arts in Law

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Virtual: July 23 | Aug. 20

Wayne State's Bachelor of Arts in Law prepares graduates for a strong foundation in critical thinking and writing, ethics, political and legal theory, and legal and justice systems.

Wayne State is proud to be one of a few universities offering a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Law. This degree empowers students to be well-rounded and civic-minded leaders, preparing them for law-adjacent careers through a mix of coursework and hands-on experiences relating to political science, criminal justice and other law-related subjects. This interdisciplinary program is offered as a collaboration between the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Law School, giving students a unique opportunity to learn to “think like a lawyer.” The B.A. in Law does not provide any guarantee of admission or specific advantage in admission to law school.

What you'll learn

As you pursue a B.A. in Law from Wayne State University, you’ll be able to:

  • Apply a general understanding of legal practices to societal issues.
  • Develop practical critical thinking, problem-solving, and written and oral communication skills.
  • Gain exposure to a range of legal topics including tort law, criminal law, property and more.
  • Explore how legal policies shape different industries and organizations.
  • Create and review legal documents.

Real-world experience

Students pursuing a B.A. in Law will be invited to join a unique learning community working hands-on with partner community organizations addressing real issues that impact metro Detroit. In addition to normal activities, students may participate in events and service-learning projects connected to these topics.


Students will experience a mix of liberal arts and law school coursework totaling 120 credits:

  • 98 credits spanning topics in criminal justice, political science, English, law and philosophy. 
  • 22 general education credits. 

Find your niche by taking electives in a range of areas such as business, engineering or communication. Review the B.A. in Law course list.

Other programs in law

Wayne State offers a Minor in Law, Joint Bachelor of Science (or Arts)/Juris Doctorate and a graduate J.D. degree for those desiring to practice law.


Wayne State University offers rolling deadlines for admission. Apply by Dec. 1 for admission as a first-year student in the fall. Transfer students should apply by June 1.


For questions related to academic advising, course selection and fulfillment of degree requirements, see an advisor to get started.

Getting ahead ⚖️

How can students prepare to successfully enter law school? Alumnus, Paul Kako '16, shares some tips for undergrads to get ahead of the game.

Career opportunities

There are many careers for which formal legal education is beneficial but a J.D. is not required. These career opportunities are in all levels of federal, state and local governments: business, compliance, insurance, law enforcement and many legal or civically engaged organizations.