Fundamental physics and chemistry of energy storage materials and systems research

Professor Golam-Abbas Nazri

Energy materials research deals with experimental condensed matter and materials physics, applied physics, and condensed matter chemistry, with a focus on research and development of advanced materials for energy storage and generation systems; including materials for advanced batteries, fuel cells, solar cells, supercapacitors, sensors, solid-state hydrogen and other fuel storage, and hybridization of energy storage and generation devices.

The research focus is on the development of advanced physics and chemistry for better understanding and discovery of new phenomena in the area of energy storage and generation materials with application to electric-based transportation. 

Active areas of research

  • Synthesis of novel nanomaterials for next generation of energy storage & generation devices
  • Physics and chemistry at high temperature and pressure
  • Reactivity of solids and non-traditional synthesis of new classes of materials
  • Transformation of pollutants to useful fuels
  • Synthesis of non-noble metal electrocatalysts, and non-rare earth magnets
  • Design and development of new in-situ techniques with single event resolution for real-time characterization of materials and devices
  • Refinement and extraction of lightweight metals, alloys, inorganic-organic hybrids, carbon nanotubes 
  • polymer composites, and high-temperature metal-ceramic composites