Physics professor joins Quantum To-Go program to celebrate Quantum Day

Professor Alex Matos Abiague joined the Quantum To-Go program of the American Physical Society (APS). The program aims to increase the interest of high-school students in the field of quantum science. Professor Matos Abiague conducted a virtual visit to the AP Physics class of MS Ed. Loriann Pawlik at Colgan High School in Manassas, Virginia.

High school students in a classroom watching Prof. Matos Abiague presentation on an electronic board
AP Physics students from Colgan High School attend Professor Matos Abiague's virtual presentation.

Prof. Matos Abiague introduced the students to phenomena such as quantum tunneling, quantum superposition, and quantum entanglement. The advantages, limitations, and challenges related to the fundamental and technological applications of quantum phenomena were also addressed. Last but not least, the visitor and students established a conversation about carrier opportunities and the future of quantum science.

Electronic board showing Professor Matos Abiague presentation.
Student discuss several fundamental and technological applications of quantum science.

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