Owen G. Owens Lectures

Owen G. Owens received a B.A. degree upon his graduation from the University of California in 1936. He continued his education there, receiving a M.A. degree in mathematics in 1937 followed by a Ph.D. degree in the same subject in 1941.

Having already taught extensively at various universities since his graduation from the University of California, Owens was appointed to an associate professorship at Wayne State University in 1957, his specialty being partial differential equations. In 1959, Owens was awarded a full-professorship and continued at Wayne State University until his retirement and Emeritus appointment in 1969.

Professor Owens had professional associations with the American Mathematical Society and was a member of the Society of Sigma Xi, the American Men of Science, and the New York Academy of Sciences.

Upon his death, Dr. Owens' brother, John Owens, left to the Department of Mathematics a contribution in memory of his late brother. The Owen Fund was established and is used to sponsor events in support of the department's research program. The first annual Owen Owens Memorial Lecture was held in March 1992.

* Denotes fields medalist 

Year Speaker Institution

Thaleia Zariphopoulou

University of Texas at Austin
2019 Gilbert Strang  Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
2018 Gregory Margulis* Yale University 
2016 Jonathan Borwein  University of Newcastle 
2015 Luis A. Caffarelli University of Texas at Austin 
2014 Douglas N. Arnold  University of Minnesota
2013 Neil J. A. Sloane AT&T Labs
2012 Gang Tian Princeton University
2011 William Fulton  University of Michigan 
2010 Stephen M. Robinson University of Wisconsin - Madison
2009 John Milnor* Stony Brook Institute for Mathematical Sciences
2008 Stephen Smale* Toyota Technical Institute 
2007 Robert Devaney  Boston University 
2006 Thomas C. Hales University of Pittsburgh 
2005 George C. Tiao University of Chicago 
2004 Sylvain Cappell  Courant Institute 
2003 Sun Yun Alice Chang Princeton University 
2002 Michael Waterman University of Southern California
2001 David Eisenbud Mathematical Sciences Research Institute  
2000 Persi Diaconis  Stanford University 
1999 R. Tyrrell Rockafellar University of Washington 
1998 Raoul Bott Harvard University 
1997 Mikhael Gromov IHES
1996 Efim Zelmanov* Yale University 
1995 Sergey Novikov* University of Maryland 
1994 John H. Conway  Princeton University 
1993 Walter Rudin University of Wisconsin
1992 Louis Nirenberg New York University