Students, alumni win awards, present research

Congratulations to German alumna Dana Grandstaff (JYM 14-15, B.A. 15, M.A. 17) who taught in Chemnitz, Germany last year as a Fulbright teaching assistant, and who has been asked to stay on for another year.

She also plans to enter a teaching certification program at the University of Leipzig. Wir sind stolz auf Sie!

Bohdan Matsko was the first Wayne State student to win an award in the national Russian essay contest run by the American Councils of Teachers of Russian. Over 60 universities from across the country participated, submitting over 1300 essays. We are thus extremely proud that WSU Russian student Bohdan Matsko won the Silver Medal for Heritage Level 1 category (native speaker in his first year taking Russian).

This past summer global studies student, Anthony Godlewski, wrote a paper entitled, "The Brink: a brief review of global climate action and its relevance to human continuity" for Dr. Saeed Khan's Global Issues and Institutions course.

Dr. Khan encouraged him to submit it to the 11th Global Studies Conference in Granada, Spain, and to his delight, it was accepted. With support from the Office of International Programs, he and Dr. Khan were able to travel to Granada, where he presented his paper and visited the water-based cityscapes in Amsterdam and Marseille.

Godlewski's paper focused on climate change, and highlighted specific concerns, such as the lack of consistent power in Puerto Rico, hurricanes in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas, dying coral reefs, and disappearing islands.

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