CMLLC faculty members honored at the 2014 WSU Academic Recognition Ceremony

Anne Duggan received the Board of Governors Faculty Recognition Award and Thomas Kohn received a Career Development Chair Award. Congratulations!

Board of Governors Faculty Recognition Award

In 1974, the Board of Governors, in conjunction with the president, established an annual Board of Governors Faculty Recognition Award to be given each year to members of the regular full-time faculty in recognition of a particular work of merit brought to fruition in the 12-month period immediately preceding the year of the award. Awards made in 2014 are based on accomplishments in 2012-13. The work of merit is a single act or event that constituted an outstanding contribution to scholarship and learning. Since 1975, 201 faculty members have received this award.

Career Development Chair Award

Career development chairs are awarded to as many as seven recently tenured faculty as part of the university's program to support the teaching and research endeavors of faculty members in the developmental stages of their scholarly careers. Since 1982, 217 university faculty members have held career development chairs. The career development chairs were established by generous grants to the Wayne State Fund and provide recipients financial support, encouragement and recognition at a critical time in their careers.

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