Faculty committees

Faculty Council

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Faculty Council: Term ending 2022

Name Unit
Aaron Retish  History
Edward Golenberg Biological Sciences
Lori Pile Biological Sciences
Lisa Ze Winters  English
Victor Figueroa CMLLC

Faculty Council: Term ending 2023

Name Unit
Clayton Walker  English
Smiti Gupta  NFS
Jeff Grynaviski Political Science 
Leisa Kauffmann  CMLLC
Eric Kessell   Public Health

Faculty Council: Term ending 2024

Name Unit
Christopher Trentacosta Psychology
Yuson Jung Anthropology
Andrew Newman Anthropology
Eric Ash History
Pramod Khosla NFS
Robert Harr    Physics and Astronomy
Hien Nguyen Chemistry
John Klein Mathematics

Academic Senate

Academic Senate: Term ending 2022

Name Unit
Tamara Bray Anthropology
Ewa Golebiowska Political Science
Wen Li Chemistry
David Merolla Sociology

Academic Senate: Term ending 2023

Name Unit
Brad Roth Political Science
Christine Knapp  CMLLC
Clayton Walker English
Richard Pineau Mathematics
Jennifer Stockdill Chemistry 

Academic Senate: Term ending 2024

Name Unit
Stephen Chrisomalis  Anthropology
Marisa Henderson Mathematics
Pramod Khosla NSF
Amy Latawiec English
Shelly Jo Kraft CSD

Graduate Council

Name Unit Term expires
Christine Chow Chemistry 2023
Chera Kee English 2023

Merit/Salary Committee

Merit/Salary Committee: Humanities

Name Unit Term expires
Adrienne Jankens English 2023
Eun-Jung Kim Philosophy 2023
Leisa Kauffmann CMLLC 2022

Merit/Salary Committee: Life Sciences

Name Unit Term expires
Smiti Gupta  NFS 2022
Susanne Brummelte Psychology 2022
Haidong Gu Biological Sciences 2023

Merit/Salary Committee: Physical Sciences and Mathematics

Name Unit Term expires
Charles Winter Chemistry 2022
Sarah Brownlee Environmental Sci and Geology 2023
Jian Huang Physics and Astronomy 2023

Merit/Salary Committee: Social Science

Name Unit Term expires
Nicole Trujillo-Pagan Sociology 2022
Elizabeth Lublin History 2022
Jessica Robbins Anthropology 2023

Promotion and Tenure Committee

Name Division/role Unit Term expires
Jaime Goodrich  Humanities English  2022
Haiyong Liu Humanities CMLLC 2023
Mark VanBerkum Life Sciences Biological Sciences 2024
Valerie Simon Life Sciences Psychology 2022
Stephanie Brock Physical Sciences and Mathematics Chemistry 2022
Sarah Brownlee Physical Sciences and Mathematics Environmental Sciences and Geology 2024
David Goldberg  Social Sciences African American Studies 2024
Marc Kruman Social Sciences History 2024
Julie Lesnik Member-At-Large Anthropology 2023

Budget Advisory Committee

Name Division/role Unit Term expires
Anne Duggan Humanities CMLLC 2022
Alisa Moldavanova Social Science Political Science 2022
David Njus Life Sciences Biological Sciences 2023
Marisa Henderson Physical Sciences and Mathematics Mathematics 2023
Clay Walker Member-At-Large English 2023

Technology Committee

Name Division/role Unit Term expires
Jennifer Hart Social Sciences History 2022
Weilong Hao Life Sciences Biology 2022
Alina Cherry Humanities CMLLC 2024
Sean Hickey Physics Sciences and Mathematics Chemistry 2024
Naresh Mahabir Member-At-Large Mathematics 2024