Teaching awards

The annual CLAS Teaching Awards recognize professors and lecturers for extraordinary achievements in teaching. While all CLAS faculty have dedicated their careers to the highest standard in education and research, Teaching Award recipients have been noted as particularly inspiring by students and colleagues alike.


Name Department
Zachary Brewster Sociology
Scott Burdick Environmental Science and Geology
Charlie Fehl Chemistry
renée c. hoogland English
Mindy Huang Physics and Astronomy

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Name Department
Dajena Tomco Chemistry
Hannah Schacter Psychology
Justin Kenney Biological Sciences
Mark Satta Philosophy
Yunshuang Zhang CMLLC/Linguistics
Zachary Brewster Sociology
Scott Burdick Environmental Science and Geology


Name Department
Shanique Brown Psychology
Matthew Larson Criminology and Criminal Justice
Amy Latawiec English
Karen Marrero History
Peter Staroverov Linguistics


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Name Department
Shooshan Danagoulian (Mentoring Award) Economics
Donovan Hohn English
Michelle Jacobs Sociology
Nicole Varty English
John Woodard Psychology


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Name Department
Nicole Coleman Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Hilary Fox English
Christopher Kelly (Mentoring Award) Physics and Astronomy
Charles Klahm (Mentoring Award) Criminal Justice
Julie Lesnik Anthropology
Andrea Matti Chemistry


Name Department
Derek Daniels Communication Sciences and Disorders
Jaime Goodrich English
Susanne Brummelte Psychology
Sylvia Taschka History
Christopher Trentacosta Psychology
Hernn Manuel Garc­a Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Sarah Brownlee (Mentoring Award) Geology
Jennifer Stockdill (Mentoring Award) Chemistry


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Name Department
Young-Hoon Ahn Chemistry
Eun-Jung Katherine Kim Philosophy
Karen Myhr Biological Sciences
Gil Paz Physics
Donna Kashian Biological Sciences


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Name Department
Arun Anantharam Biological Sciences
Andrew Salch Mathematics
Alyssa McGonagle Psychology
Andrew Newman Anthropology
Krysta Ryzewski Anthropology
Marjorie Beeghly Psychology
Tamara Hendrickson Chemistry
Alina Cherry Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures


Name Department
Andrés Cisneros Chemistry
Barbara Munk Chemistry
Chera Kee English
Christopher Leirstein Mathematics
Emily Grekin Psychology
Lee Wurm Psychology
Lisa Ze Winters English
Vanessa DeGifis Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Tracy Neumann History


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Name Department
Annemarie Cano Psychology
Caroline Maun English
Liette Gidlow History
Larry Lemke Geology/Environmental Science
Lisa Maruca English
Michelle Tomaszycki Psychology
Sandra Robinson Mathematics
Sara Trimpin Chemistry
Steve Chrisomalis Anthropology


Name Department
Simone Chess English
Andrew Feig Chemistry
Jeremy Kodanko Chemistry
Felecia Lucht Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Danielle McGuire History
Yifan Zhang Nutrition and Food Science


Name Department
Alexander Day History
Brad Smith Criminal Justice
Jeffrey Howard Geology
Jim Tucker Biological Sciences
Karen Beningo Biological Sciences
Kidada Williams History
Robert Aguirre English
Scott Bowen Psychology
Sharon Lean Political Science
Thomas Killion Anthropology
Weisong Shi Computer Science


Name Department
Dan Kashian Biological Sciences
David Rueda Chemistry
Denver Brunsman History
Fatih Celiker Mathematics
Haiyong Liu Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Jacalyn Harden Anthropology
Lara Cohen English
Loren Schwiebert Computer Science
Matthew Allen Chemistry
Michele Ronnick Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Paul Karchin Physics and Astronomy
Peter Malcilmson Mathematics
Saeed Khan Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Zhixian Zhou Physics and Astronomy


Name Department
Athar Ansari Biological Sciences
Choong-Min Kang Biological Sciences
Elizabeth Lublin History
Hongwei Zhang Computer Science
Irshad Altheimer Criminal Justice
Jeff Pruchnic English
Margaret Jordan English
Zhi-Feng Huang Physics and Astronomy


Name Department
Andrew Port History
Colin Poole Chemistry
Daniel Isaksen Mathematics
Edmond Van Hees Geology
Edward Golenberg Biological Sciences
Jing Hua Computer Science
Mark VanBerkum Biological Sciences
Pamela Crespin Anthropology
Regina Zibuck Chemistry
Steven Rehse Physics and Astronomy
Vladimir Chernyak Chemistry


Name Department
Alexander Korostelev Mathematics
Ashok Bhagwat Chemistry
Brad Smith Criminal Justice
David Barondess Anthropology
David Coleman Chemistry
Donald Schurlknight Romance Languages and Literature
Eugenia Casielles Romance Languages
Gavin Lawes Physics and Astronomy
Heather Balog Communication Sciences and Disorders
Jennifer Sheridan Moss Classics, Greek and Latin
Jogindra Wadehra Physics and Astronomy
Lisabeth Hock German and Slavic Studies
Lori Pile Biology
Mary Kay Pflum Chemistry
Mary Rodgers Chemistry
Weisong Shi Computer Science


Name Department
Aleksander Popadic Biology
Ashis Mukhopadhyay Physics
Jean Andruski Communication Sciences and Disorders
Karen Myhr Biology
Kirstin Parkin Biology
Laura Kline German and Slavic Studies
Patricia Bonesteel Mathematics
Po Hu Mathematics
Shiyong Lu Computer Science
Marsha Richmond Interdisciplinary Studies
Mary Width Nutrition and Food Science
Monika Witoslawski Computer Science
Thomas Abowd Anthropology


Name Department
Alexander Benderskii Chemistry
Eric Ash History
Hans Hummer History
Joel Itzkowitz Classics
Katherine Paesani Romance Languages
Kevin Deegan-Krause Political Science
Kristine Sbaschnig ASLP
Li Hsieh ASLP
Louis Romano Chemistry
Margaret Greenwald ASLP
Maryfrances Barber Chemistry
Ming Dong Computer Science
Suzanne Hilgendorf German and Slavic
Ven Hari Biology
Victor Figueroa Romance Languages