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Articles from journals in economics and other fields, from the first issue until 3-6 years ago (depending on the journal, as listed if less than 5-6 years). Titles include the following: Amer. Econ. Rev. (2-3), Brookings Papers (2-3), Canadian J. Econ. (3-4), Econometrica (2-3), Econ. J., Economica, Int. Econ. Rev., J. of Applied Econometrics, J. Econ. Literature (2-3), J. Econ. Perspectives (2-3), J. Ind. Econ., J. Lab. Econ. (3-4), JMCB (3-4), J. Political Economy (4-5), Oxford Econ. Pap., QJE, Rand Journal, REStat, REStud (3-4).

Elsevier ScienceDirect

Full text of many economics journals (and journals in other fields) from Elsevier Science (includes journals that used to be published by Academic Press).

Bibliographies of law and economics journals

From Findlaw, tables of contents and links to home pages for the Journal of Law & Economics, Journal of Legal Studies and other law and econ journals.

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