Doctor of Audiology recommendation for candidacy


Doctor of Audiology Recommendation for Candidacy Form


Au.D. candidacy

Four-year students

An Au.D. student is eligible to change status from "applicant" to "candidate" after their fourth semester of full-time enrollment in the department (approximately 45 credits earned). Candidate status is determined by a committee made up of members from the Audiology faculty. To pass to a candidate, two pieces of documentation must be submitted and approved:

  • A plan of work
  • Student portfolio

The plan of work must be approved by the committee and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to meet the requirements for candidacy. The portfolio is reviewed by the committee to determine that a student is making adequate academic and clinical progress in the program. The following content areas in the portfolio are given significant consideration:

  • Academic progress
    • Adequate performance in this area is assessed by reviewing student transcripts contained in the portfolio. Students are required to have a "B" average. No more than one "B-" (for courses taken for graduate credit in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders) is permitted
  • Clinical progress
    • Adequate performance in this area is assessed by reviewing the formative assessment documentation in a student's portfolio. All items contained in the "Evaluation" as well as those in the "Evaluation Tools" (pertaining to air/bone/speech audiometry and tympanometry and acoustic reflexes) sections of the formative assessment document must be marked as "Present" or "Consistent" for a student to move to "candidate" status

The Au.D. student portfolio provides complete documentation regarding a student's academic and clinical progress in the department. The portfolio should be updated at the completion of each semester. The portfolio consists of the following items:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Copy of the approved plan of work
  • Completed Formative Assessment forms from each clinical/academic placement
  • "Master" Formative Assessment document containing overall performance from the past academic year (updated each fall)
  • Highlights of student performance (e.g., de-identified examples of reports; written reviews/recommendations from clinical supervisors/academics; etc.)

It is the student's responsibility to update the portfolio at regular intervals.

Outcome of reviews


The student is recommended for "candidate" status and may continue in the department.

Marginal Pass

The student is recommended for "candidate" status following the completion of remedial coursework/clinical work that is outlined by the committee. In this instance, the committee will meet with the student and provide them with a written plan for remediation as well as a timeline for completing the required coursework/clinical training. Failure to successfully complete the work within the timeline allotted by the committee will result in a "fail."


The committee will meet with students who fail the review process. The committee will determine whether student performance warrants removal from the program by using the guidelines in the audiology handbook.