Applying for the graduate student assistantship

In recent years, the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders has been allocated two graduate student assistantships (GSA) each year, but this information has not been available to the department until approximately mid-May each year.

Therefore, the department provides graduate students the information online that "the department has a limited number of graduate assistantships available for the support of students in the M.A.-SLP, Au.D. and Ph.D. programs." The department does not know how many GSA we will be allocated or if we will definitely be allocated any GSAs for the coming year until approximately mid-May.

About hiring

The department GSA hiring decisions will be made by June 15 each year. The length of hiring is for the fall and winter semesters for one academic year. Inquiries about the timeline and any other questions about the GSA can be made to Dr. Daniels, CSD graduate officer, at

Hiring will depend on applicant qualifications and on the availability of the number of GSA awards allocated to our department each year. Specific hiring criteria are the applicant's level of research experience, scholarship, credentials, and evidence of professionalism. As described on the department GSA application, graduate student assistants work in a variety of settings within the department during graduate school, such as research laboratories, instructor offices, and the clinical materials room. The specific student work rules are provided in the application below.

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