Chief Scholar's Program

In partnership with the Detroit Police Department (DPD), Wayne State provides select DPD officers with a full scholarship to complete their graduate studies. The program, co-funded by the Wayne State University Graduate School, is aimed at keeping DPD officers at the forefront of crime prevention, technology and theory in criminal justice education.

Officers have the option to complete a Master of Science in Criminal Justice online or in person at Wayne State's Midtown Detroit campus.

Each year, two Detroit Police officers are nominated for the Chief's Scholars Program by DPD leadership. Those interested in the program should contact their commanding officer for more information.


Completing my degree through the Chief's Scholars program provided me with personal satisfaction and helped make me a better employee of the Detroit Police Department.

Rhonda Sherman in uniform

Now, as a police sergeant, I can better assist my officers with the latest information on law and changes in the judicial system in addition to enhancing their writing skills.

Rhonda Sherman, Detroit Police Sergeant

Recent scholars

Officer Rank Graduation year
Terri Kennedy Sergeant 2021
Michael Mcginnis Commander 2021
Rhonda Sherman Sergeant 2020
Charles Fitzgerald Assistant chief 2020
Ryan Connor Captain 2019
Howard Phillips Lieutenant 2018
Dena Leath Sergeant 2016
Michael DiCicco Captain 2016