About us

The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice advances a multidisciplinary understanding of the sources of criminal behaviors, including perspectives from criminology, psychology, and sociology. Our curriculum exposes students to knowledge of the major types of crime, including crimes of violence, property crimes, public order crimes, sexual crimes, organized crimes, delinquent offenses, and other types of crimes. Innovative and theoretically based programs in the criminal justice system to reduce the incidence of crime are also examined.

The department's mission includes the goals of:

  • Providing students with an interdisciplinary understanding of crime and criminal justice
  • Developing students' abilities to conceptualize and analyze problems of a criminological nature
  • Improving sensitivity to diversity and diverse viewpoints
  • Preparing undergraduate students for careers in the criminal justice system
  • Teaching students the skills necessary to carry out advanced research projects
  • Academic preparation for students who wish to pursue a post-baccalaureate degree