Professor Ryzewski receives the James Deetz Book Award for Detroit Remains

Dr. Krysta Ryzewski received the Society for Historical Archaeology's prestigious James Deetz Book Award for her recently published book Detroit Remains: Archaeology and Community Histories of Six Legendary Places (Alabama 2022) at the association's annual meetings in Lisbon, Portugal in January. Detroit Remains features collaborative research projects between Wayne State archaeologists and a number of community partners. The book's case studies call attention to the potential that archaeology and historic preservation initiatives have for advancing more inclusive and sustainable heritage management practices, particularly in American cities.

The Deetz Book Award is named for historical archaeologist James Deetz (1930-2000), whose books are classics for professional archaeologists, as well as for non-specialists. Deetz's accessible and entertaining style of writing gave influenced fields well beyond the discipline of anthropology. The Deetz Award is intended to recognize examples of rigorous scholarship that are similarly well-written and accessible to all potential readers.

Detroit Remains was previously awarded the 2022 Book Prize from the University of Mary Washington's Center for Historic Preservation.

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