Anthropology students work to preserve Pontiac's Oak Hill Cemetery

Teddi Setzer, Wayne State University anthropology lecturer, is teaching a class that's doing preservation work at the historic Oak Hill Cemetery this semester. "I saw it as kind of an opportunity to help the city and continue the work," Setzer said.

Last fall, she recovered remains from the Pontiac cemetery's Southard family mausoleum, which Setzer said has been disturbed at least three times over the years. "The remains were so commingled, we had to separate them out and sort it so we could put the individuals back where they belong," said the physical anthropologist.

The mausoleum at the historic cemetery contained the remains of at least five people, including those of John B. Southard, who died during the Civil War. Hundreds of Civil War veterans are buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, including about 25 who died in combat.

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