Anthropology alumni updates: Winter 2023

Wayne State's Department of Anthropology congratulates our alumni on their recent accomplishments.

Alumni job placements

  • Katilin (Indy) Carter (M.A.), senior user-experience researcher at Bold Insight, Chicago
  • Yen-Ting Chang (M.A.), experience planning and operations manager, Klook, Taiwan
  • Amy Krull (M.A.), federal projects archaeologist, State Historic Preservation Office, Lansing
  • Travis Kruso (M.A.), market intelligence specialist, PointClickCare, Chicago
  • Emily Lock (M.A.), research manager, Planning Shop, Houston
  • Andrew McKinney (M.A.), academic advisor, Wayne State University
  • Craig Meiners (M.A.), innovation coach, General Mills, Minneapolis
  • Monica Rodriguez (Ph.D.), postdoctoral felloow, Rollins College
  • Andres Romero (Ph.D.), tenure-track assistant professor, Rollins College
  • Molly Sanford (M.A.), senior insights analyst, Escalent, Detroit
  • Zach Shorufi (M.A.), customer discovery specialist at TechTown, Detroit
  • Jasmine Walker, lead researcher, projekt202, Dallas
  • Athena Zissis (M.A.), tribal outreach specialist, National Park Service, Northeast Region Headquarters

Alumni publications

Jorgensen, K., Garcia, O. A., Kiyamu, M., Brutsaert, T. D., & Bigham, A. W. (2022). Genetic adaptations to potato starch digestion in the Peruvian AndesAmerican Journal of Biological Anthropology.

Gerstner, K. & Pruetz, J. (2022). Wild chimpanzee welfare: A Focus on nutrition, foraging and health to inform great ape welfare in the wild and in captivityAnimals.

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