Alumni updates: Summer 2022


Our Wayne State anthropology alumni are applying their anthropological training and knowledge in a wide variety of professional careers.

Many thanks to our alumni who have updated us about their career advancement. It is exciting to see the many career pathways that our former anthropology students are pursuing.

Job placements

Dr. Kelsey Jorgensen (now at UCLA)
with her Ph.D. advisor Dr. Julie Lesnik, December 2021.

Juliette Andre (M.A.) – Vanderbilt University, School of Nursing (pursuing an M.S.N.).

Lynn Charara (M.A.) – research analyst, TRANSFR. 

Georgina Gill (M.A.) – GONGOS (market research and data analytics).

Dr. Kelsey Jorgensen (Ph.D.) – postdoctoral fellow in anthropological genetics at UCLA (with Dr. Abigail Bigham).

Amy Krull (M.A.) – federal projects archaeologist - State Historic Preservation Office, Lansing, MI.

Cory (Taylor) Nummer (M.A.) – chief curator for exhibits and collections at Ilitch Corporation properties, Detroit (Comerica Park, Fox Theater, LCA, etc).

Luke Pickrahn (M.A.) – staff archaeologist - State Historic Preservation Office, Delaware.

Dr. Eduardo Piqueras (Ph.D.) – postdoctoral fellowship, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA.

Corrinne Sanger (M.A.) – research analyst, Escalent.

Zach Shorufi (M.A.) – Colliers International Real Estate.

Jasmine Walker (M.A.) – promotion to lead researcher at projekt202, Dallas, TX.

Elizabeth Watson (M.A.) – GONGOS.

We encourage all anthropology alumni to stay in touch and keep us updated about professional accomplishments!

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