Associate deans

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs


  • Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
    • Academic advising (with Paul Clemens)
    • Academic staff ESS and promotion
    • Accreditation Assessment (including early academic assessment reporting)
    • CLAS scholarships and teaching awards
    • General education
    • Liaison to Associate Vice Provost for Student Success
    • Student services supervision
    • Undergraduate grade appeals and student conduct cases
    • Undergraduate recruitment and retention
    • MASU Michigan Association of State Universities

Heather Dillaway

Heather Dillaway
313-577-2520 /

  • Associate Dean for Academic Programs
    • AGRADE programs
    • College Graduate Officer (graduate bulletin, time extensions, grade appeals and due process issues, graduate faculty status reviews, contractual issues (GEOC), graduate fellowships)
    • Course fee requests
    • Curriculum development and course proposals (undergraduate and graduate)
    • Graduate faculty and educational development awards
    • Graduate recruitment and retention
    • Liaison to Graduate School
    • Program and center reviews
    • New program proposals and program changes
    • Online learning


Ratna Naik

Ratna Naik
313-577-2818 /

  • Associate Dean for Academic Personnel and Faculty
    • Chair/Director searches and reviews
    • Contractual issues (AAUP/AFT and UPTF)
    • Faculty development, promotion, and tenure
    • Faculty searching/hiring
    • Faculty selective salary processes
    • Part-time faculty matters
    • Sabbaticals, leaves of absence, modified duties, etc.
    • Term-contract faculty renewals
    • New program proposals and program changes
    • Online learning

Claudio Verani

Claudio Verani
313-577-2530 /

  • Associate Dean for Research
    • Liaison to Facilities, Planning & Management (FP&M) and Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR)
    • Online learning (with Heather Dillaway)
    • Oversight of college IT structure and Language Lab
    • Postdocs
    • Research (internal/external grant application pre-review, submission, initiatives, workshops)
    • Research awards
    • Space allocation and renovation
    • Student service fee (Omnibus) funding
    • Subventions and research matching funds
    • Undergraduate research
    • Invention disclosure


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