Academic probation

Students are considered to be on academic probation if their overall GPA is below 2.0. Students on academic probation will be required to:

  • Meet with an academic advisor to register for courses.
  • Raise their overall GPA to 2.0 or higher within three attended semesters or be excluded from Wayne State University for one year.

Steps to take for students experiencing academic difficulties

Students experiencing academic difficulties should take the following steps:

  1. Complete the self and study skills assessment to identify issues affecting their performance, and meet with an academic advisor to:
    1. Discuss the results of the self and study skills assessment
    2. Discuss resources available on campus to help improve academic performance
    3. Review current and upcoming class schedules to make appropriate changes if necessary

Take the self-assessment

  1. Meet with a financial aid officer to find out how their academic performance is affecting their financial aid award

Common issues that affect student performance

Lack of study skills and/or time management

Students with study skills and time management issues attend class and complete assignments, but still, have a hard time grasping the important concepts of the class. Not knowing how to study, take notes, or manage their time can prevent students from being successful in their classes. Students struggling with these issues should visit the Academic Success Center to find out more information on study skills counseling and workshops, tutoring, supplemental instruction, and class study groups.

Lack of direction or disconnection with intended major

Students are often unsure of their major and what direction they want for their career, and being unsure about a major or career path can affect their motivation and ability to perform well in classes. It is important for students to choose a major that interests them and connects well with their academic strengths. Students struggling with these issues should speak to their major advisor and visit Career Services to get help with finding a major that matches their interests and abilities.

Emotional and health issues

All students can be challenged by events that happen in their life while attending Wayne State University. Students that have challenging life experiences (death in the family, a bad break-up, a new diagnosis, trouble sleeping, eating disorders, trouble adjusting to college life, etc.) may find it difficult to focus on their classes while dealing with situations outside of the classroom. Wayne State has many free services available to help students through these difficult times. Students can contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), the College of Education Counseling Center or the Psychology Clinic.

Learning and/or physical disability

Students who have physical (which can also include a short-term injury) and/or documented learning disabilities can use the services on campus to receive accommodations to help them be successful in their classes. Students should contact the Student Disability Services Office to set up an appointment.