Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Psychology is the science that studies the behavior and experience of humans. Through psychology, you'll learn how we perceive the world, how we learn and think, how our emotions and motives influence our behavior, how personality develops, what factors affect social relations, and applications of psychology to such practical situations as education, family life, group relations, advertising, business, industry and government.

The Bachelor of Arts allows a greater degree of choice in elective coursework outside the psychology major and is a good fit for students interested in pursuing a second major, multiple minors or a wider variety of coursework outside the major.

For the science major and the liberal arts major, the study of psychology provides an opportunity to learn the scientific approach to the study of behavior which will include material helpful in increasing self-understanding and insight into the behavior of others. For students preparing for medicine, law, education, nursing, business and other professions, psychology provides important basic knowledge useful in these vocations. For those planning to pursue graduate study in psychology, the undergraduate program establishes a sound foundation.

Depending on your personal interests, you might also decide to concentrate your studies in a specialized area or pursue a double major or major-minor combination. These options enable you to tailor your training to your career goals and evaluate ways to increase the attractiveness of your degree to prospective employers.

Degree with honors

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