Ph.D. in Psychology: Social-Personality curriculum

Below is an overview of social-personality course requirements (details provided in the student handbook given to admitted students). In addition to fulfilling the requirements of the university and the psychology department, all students must take:

Course Title Credits
PSY 7620 Social-Psychology: Research and Theory 3
PSY 7250 Personality Psychology 3
PSY 7470 Research Methods 3

Three additional courses of major coursework approved by your mentoring committee. These include:

Courses Title Credits
PSY 7645 Social Psychology of Close Relationships 3
PSY 8620 Social Cognition 3
PSY 8300 Health Psychology I 3
PSY 7990 Directed Study 1-9
PSY 8600 Social-Psychology Special Topics Seminars (e.g. Motivation)  

Quantitative courses

Course Title Credits
PSY 7150 Quantitative Methods in Psychology I 4
PSY 8150 Multivariate Analysis in Psychology 4

One of the following:

Course Title Credits
PSY 7160 Psychometric Theory 3
PSY 8170 Structural Equation Modeling 3
PSY 8740 Hierarchical Linear Models  
PSY 8140 Meta-Analysis 2-3
PSY 7156 Special Topics in Quantitative Psychology