Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

The master's in industrial and organizational (I/O) psychology is a terminal degree designed for students interested in pursuing advanced training in applied workplace psychology. This includes: 

  • Job analysis and the development and validation of personnel selection and performance appraisal systems
  • The implementation and evaluation of employee and management training and development programs
  • Enhancing employee motivation and morale
  • Related activities that employ psychological principles and practices to increase organizational effectiveness

Unlike the master of arts with a major in psychology, this program is not a transitional stage leading to doctoral degree candidacy.

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About the program

The program is designed as a part-time, two-year program. The typical course load is two courses (six credits) in the fall and winter semesters, and one course (three credits) in the summer semesters. All classes meet in the late afternoon or early evening.

International students, and domestic students wishing to be full-time (eight credits fall and winter), will need to register for elective courses in addition to the 30 credits required. Elective courses from outside the psychology department, ie. business, economics, communications, etc., may require departmental and/or instructor permission to register.

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