Mathematics student feedback

Students are encouraged to complete the student feedback form to provide positive departmental feedback or to address a concern.

If you are addressing a concern, please follow the steps below before completing the student feedback form:

  1. Address the issue with your instructor.
  2. If you have spoken to your instructor and the issue was unresolved or if it is uncomfortable to speak with your instructor, please refer to the table below that lists the course coordinators. Please contact the course coordinator for the math course in which you are having issues.
  3. If you have completed steps one and two, and the issue is still unresolved or if there is no course coordinator for the course, then you can complete the Department of Mathematics Student Feedback Form. Someone will reach out to you after you have submitted the form.

Complete the Student Feedback Form

Mathematics course coordinators


Course Name Location
MAT 0993, MAT 1070 Shereen Schultz PREN 204.1
MAT 0993 (Rising Scholars Program (RSP)) Andrew Vincentini FAB 1147
MAT 1110, MAT 1120 Christopher Nazelli FAB 1091
MAT 1070 (Pre-Emerging Scholars Program (PREP)) Anne Graziana FAB 1123
MAT 1800 Omar Pacheco FAB 1087
MAT 1800 (Emerging Scholars Program (ESP)) Raul Martell FAB 1085
MAT 2010 Alia Khurram FAB 1205
MAT 2010 (Emerging Scholars Program (ESP)) Naresh Mahabir FAB 1125
STA 1020 Richard Pineau FAB 1249