Careers in Mathematics Mentorship Program Application

This is a yearly program for selected students to be paired with a WSU alumni mentor who fits their career trajectory, passion, qualities and more. If you're not sure about your career path, this is an excellent opportunity to explore one and gain valuable insight.

The Department of Mathematics and Office of Alumni are pleased to partner to make this mentorship program available to serve students with practical and applied skills for their careers.

List of formal meetings

You and your mentor are expected to meet a minimum of four times over the course of the term to discuss various themes. More meetings may occur as warranted by both you and your mentor. Additionally, both you and your mentor are expected to attend the mathematics department’s award ceremony held in April each year.

  • Meeting 1: Meet and Greet-Completion by December 31
  • Meeting 2: Career and Academic Goals-Completion by January 31
  • Meeting 3: Develop Interview Skills-Completion by February 28
  • Meeting 4: Day in the Life (Job Shadowing experience) Completion by March 31
  • Department of Mathematics Award Ceremony – April (specific date TBD)

Responsibilities of student participants

  • Make first contact with mentor to schedule meeting time for sessions
  • Participate in four face to face or Zoom/Skype/Facetime meetings, completing each session meeting by the indicated deadline
  • Attend Mathematics Department Awards Ceremony in April of each year. Mentors and mentees will be recognized at the annual awards event
  • All meetings are to take place in a public setting (coffee shop, on campus, business location) or through Zoom/Skype/Facetime
  • Share your experience with us by completing survey at the end of the mentorship
  • Behave in a professional manner
  • Don’t ask your mentor for a job. This is not the purpose of the mentorship program
  • Listen and enjoy gaining knowledge and a better understanding about a mathematics career
  • Make the most of the experience

Applying to the program

Please have the application and all materials (transcripts and optional résumé) submitted by September 30.

  • Have a copy of your transcript (unofficial or official) ready to attach
  • Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by a committee within the department
  • If selected, you'll be paired with a mentor who best matches what you're looking for in a mentor, your career trajectory, interests, etc.
  • Students who have participated previously, are welcome to apply again
Please note that every attempt will be made to connect you with a mentor, but pairings are not guaranteed.
The Department of Mathematics has the right to limit the number of mentorship pairings each term. The selection process is competitive and students who provide thoughtful responses to the questions and maintain good academic standards will be given preference.

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