Probability and statistics

Statistics and probability are sections of mathematics that deal with data collection and analysis. Probability is the study of chance and is a very fundamental subject that we apply in everyday living, while statistics is more concerned with how we handle data using different analysis techniques and collection methods. Source: Wyzant

Professors with interests in probability and statistics

Research areas in probability and statistics

Probability theory

Research activities in this area include; ergodic theory; random integral equations and random differential equations; theory of martingales; semigroups of operators; spectral theory of nonstationary processes; probability measures on Banach spaces; random fields on locally compact groups; random walks on groups and semigroups; infinitely divisible distributions.

Mathematical statistics

Research by this group deals with such subjects as discriminatory analysis (pattern recognition analysis); time series analysis; non-parametric and rank order statistics; multivariate analysis; foundations of statistics; multiple decision theory.