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Fall 2023 course offerings
Linguistics AGRADE student asks: why not now?
Linguistics talk (2.3) 2PM by Prof. Hamad Al-Azary
Linguistics talk: Nov. 11: Fulbright Scholar: Dr. Dakouo
Everyday African American Vernacular English is a dialect born from conflict and creativity
Winter 2023 course offerings
Learn about language and artificial intelligence in linguistics
Wayne State offers new Graduate Certificate in Linguistics program
Fall 2022 course offerings
Prof. Edwards interviewed by Michigan Radio on AAVE
Congratulations to Prof. Progovac on her BOG awards!
Congratulations to our new B.A. and M.A. linguistics graduates!
Winter 2022 courses in linguistics
M.A. alumnus becomes assistant professor in linguistics
Duha Al-Dallal successfully defends M.A. thesis
Students come out on top in Wayne State community partnership initiative
Sultan Alharbi goes to George Mason for his Ph.D. in Linguistics
Two linguistics talks (3/26 and 4/16)
Fall 2021 course offerings
Shannon Yee to present at WOCAL 10
Linguistics courses for winter 2021
New linguistics courses for fall 2020
A talk on folk phonetics
M.A. students present their works around the world
New publications by our faculty